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Services/Supply Chain Management

Nagarjuna views Supply chain optimisation as a core focus area. For continuous improvements and streamlining of operations, supply chain is viewed in totality and hence headed by a senior level executive with long and distinguished experience in management of different functions of the supply chain.

The supply chain is characterised by best practices and systems which are continuously reviewed for improvisation opportunities. The processes are standardised and are ISO 9000 certified .

The main functions are:
·Commercial: The function is characterised by standardised processes right from material requisition to vendor evaluation and selection.

·Transportation & Warehousing: The operations are spread all across India and reach deeper into the far flung villages across the country. We handle material across rails, roads and waterways across strategically chosen warehouses handling seasonal material across markets. Our storage, transportation and handling practices ensure best quality product reaches customer with minimal waste and losses.

We have specialised softwares that aid us in optimising our logistics operations across the critical performance criteria of costs, speed, quality, reliability and flexibility of operations to meet the customer requirements profitably.