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Plant Protection

The world’s population is increasing, and with it the need for qualitatively better food. Plant Protection has thus become indispensable as it secures the valuable yield by giving the appropriate protection from the time of planting the seed until the Crop harvesting stage. During its life cycle, a crop will encounter many pests and diseases that can even destroy an entire harvest: Insects, Mites, Weeds, Fungi, Virus and Bacteria.

Nagarjuna is one of the leading suppliers of plant protection products in India. Our goal is to secure harvests for farmers and protect the environment with the well being of all. We offer a complete spectrum of plant protection products that are Selective, Effective at low concentrations, Environmental friendly, Crop specific and Affordable. Nagarjuna has a good range of required Insecticides, Fungicides, Herbicides and Miticides, which is one of the key offerings as in the case with Nutrition, with Pest Management Services also playing a crucial role.

Nagarjuna Group made its initial foray into the Crop Protection Business in 1992 with investments in the Pesticide Formulations Manufacturing followed by the Technical Grade Manufacturing in the year 1994. The Group has since made steady progress in this area and over a span of just fifteen years has expanded its activity base, acquiring a strong brand image and leadership position in this sector. Incidentally, Nagarjuna group figures among the top ten Agrochemical Companies in the Agrochemical Industry in India with respect to Domestic Market share, even outbeating some of the leading MNC’s operating in India.

Nagarjuna Agrichem Limited is a public limited company focused mainly on Nagarjuna’s Crop Protection Business. It has a World Class major Technical Grade Agrochemical / Fine Chemical manufacturing facility at Srikakulam in addition to a large Formulation Grade Agrochemical manufacturing facility at Ethakota and a smaller single granular product facility at Shadnagar. It has been Nagarjuna’s philosophy to work closely with some of the leading MNC’s who are market leaders in order to get access to new patented products apart from helping them in key areas like Product registration, Custom Synthesis, Access to Domestic Markets using Nagarjuna’s widespread Customer network across India etc.

The R & D in Nagarjuna plays an important role in developing the process for Generic Products at an affordable cost in addition to providing Custom Synthesis for processes related to new products to be launched by the MNC’s or for improving their existing products. Many of the products delivered by the R & D over the past 7 years have helped Nagarjuna in launching those products required by the farmers in the Indian Domestic Market at the right time, in addition to addressing the growing diverse needs of Quality conscious Customers in the highly developed countries like USA, Europe and Japan. In addition to catering to a major part of the Indian sub-continent, we also export some branded pesticide formulations to some countries in the Middle East and Africa.