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Plant Nutrition

Nagarjuna is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of plant nutrients in India. The potential benefits from improved plant nutrition are virtually limitless. With the right plant nutrition it is not surprising that the grower can produce higher yields, better flavored and greater nutritional content crops of vigor that are less prone to pests and disease attack – goals which form the core of our plant nutrition strategy. It is widely recognized by agronomists that plant nutrition is responsible for approximately one-third of the increase in world grain production. The balance is provided by such factors as better irrigation, improved seeds, cultivation practices, pest control and planting density.

We supply a broad portfolio of nutrition products and services that include both macro and micro fertilizers.

We employ information technology and soil and tissue analysis for nutrient recommendation and our plans include further strengthening of our analysis portfolio with advanced tools to measure the actual nutrient requirements and status and deliver customized nutrition solutions to meet the exact needs of the customer.