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Services/Plant Management

A Better Way To Manage Your Plants & Projects

Nagarjuna offers its expertise on a long-term basis for the management of chemical process plants, especially to ammonia and urea complexes worldwide.

The team has rich experience of working in various chemical, fertilisers, petrochemical industries and power plants for considerable period and has operated the plants successfully on higher capacity utilisation and efficiency levels. This group has also commissioned new plants in-house as well as for external clients within the time schedule set by the client. The group continuously updates the knowledge and skills by participating in various training programs, workshops, symposia held both in India and abroad.

Services Spectrum

Our team of experts provide world-class Operations & Maintenance Services to operating plants and new projects.

•Pre-commissioning, Commissioning and Operation of Plant
•Maintenance : Preventive, Breakdown and Turnaround
•Inspection and Condition Monitoring
•Environmental Services and Systems
•Safety Services and Systems
•Laboratory and Quality Assurance
•Plant Technical Services – technical and energy audit
•Plant problem diagnostics and troubleshooting

Benefits of outsourcing to Nagarjuna:

•A huge cost towards permanent staff especially in initial years of plant operation can be saved.
•High class technical services are available from day one saving plant upsets, breakdowns and under-performance of the plant in the crucial initial years for quicker payback of project cost.
•Nagarjuna as the interface with Process Licensor companies for ensuring completeness of technical information from them.
•Our services are renewable after expiry of contract on mutually acceptable terms.
•Highly accomplished team of our professionals will achieve top class performance adding value to standard operations.
•Longer plant life as result of continuous and predictive plant monitoring by dedicated team of our professionals.
•Clients’ personnel may be trained by us on all aspects of plant operation and maintenance, whenever, required.
•All plant management services are available to client on a ‘single window’ concept.