Serving Society Through Industry

Micro Irrigation

Perhaps the most serious challenge of mankind in the 21st century will be the lack of fresh water. Population growth, pollution and climate change, all accelerating, are likely to combine to produce a drastic decline in water supply in the coming decades. Supplies are already problematic for up to a third of the world's population. As agriculture alone consumes 60% of today’s fresh water, it is imperative that water saving should start from here. The answer is Micro Irrigation.

Nagarjuna’s Micro Irrigation business started in the year 1993 to address the irrigation problems of farmers living in water and energy scarce regions and also in regions where water, energy and agricultural input (labor, nutrition and plant protection) supplies are expensive. Since then, Nagarjuna has accumulated a depth of agronomic knowledge that enables it to respond to the specific needs of a crop and the grower with exactly the right product and service solution.

We offer products and services that ensure slow, regular and precise delivery of water and agricultural inputs to the crop. The result: Optimum growth and healthy plants, fewer pests, healthy environment and substantial cost savings.