Serving Society Through Industry


1985 : Plant Nutrition business with nitrogenous fertilizers. Subsequently, started marketing and manufacturing a comprehensive range of nutrient products and today is one of the largest plant nutrition companies in India.

1992 : Ventured into Plant Protection business and today has a well-balanced product portfolio for counteracting all the major pests and diseases in various crops and is in the top 3 plant protection companies in India. Rated as eighth fastest growing companies in the overall growth category in India.

1993 : Forayed into Micro Irrigation business through Joint Venture with reputed Global Micro Irrigation Companies. Today it accounts for 25% of products sold in drip irrigation.

1994 : Started offering Agricultural Input services by providing complete farm advisories through its Farm Management Services.

1995 : Started Agricultural Output business with processing, trading and exporting of agri products.

1995 : Ventured in to Energy sector. Entered in to power generation by setting up Nagarjuna Power Corporation Limited.

1997 : Entered in to petroleum by setting up Nagarjuna Oil Corporation Limited Consolidating its core activites, today the group's major operations cover Agri and Energy sectors.

2000 : Started providing IT based services, using information technology to develop knowledge and solutions critical for improvement of farm profitability.

2007 : Project work to enhance the capacity of Kakinada Plants was started. The Carbondi-oxide Recovery (CDR) Plant was ordered in July, 2007 and Mini Revamp order for detailed engineering was given to PDIL in October, 2007.