Serving Society Through Industry

Environment & Community

E, H & S

Our commitment to Environment, Health and Safety systems is an integral part of our business strategy and take precedence over all other considerations. We maintain the highest standards, most robust and safe technologies, equipment and products as well as qualified, experienced and trained manpower, which are essential to our future growth.

Our EHS mission also encompasses responsibilities of protecting the local community and environment from potential hazards.


An organization must continually earn the right to operate in the communities and countries in which it produces and sells. We are committed to giving back more to the society than what we take from it in terms of its resources.

The organization is not a stand-alone economic entity but an integral part of the society. We believe that the organization fulfils its obligations by sharing its resources for community building activities, which are ultimately reinvested in the business through the various stakeholders who form a part of the community: the customers, employees and investors.